How to test for mold. You probably don’t need to do mold testing or buy a mold test kit, especially if the fungus is visible. Because the health effects of mold vary from person to person, the CDC says that if you can see it or smell it, it should be removed, no matter what type of mold is in your home.The basic steps in dealing with any mold problem include these 3 measures. Find the mold, both visible and hidden mold reservoirs. If large areas of moldy material (more than 30 sq.ft. of contiguous moldy stuff) are present you should use a professional. Remove the indoor mold by cleaning or disposal of moldy materials.Avalon Home Inspections can test your home if you see, smell, or detect mold issues anywhere in your home or if someone in your home has allergies or asthma and you want to be sure to keep the mold to a minimum. It’s best to have mold testing performed for you by a qualified mold professional.How to Mold Inspection Tips It is important for everyone to know how to check if he/she has mold. Signs of mold mean that you may need mold inspection. If the mold is nowhere to be seen then the only way to know about it is by noticing the mold signs. noticing these signs early.Read the rest of this entryHow to Detect If You Have Mold Mold needs to have certain conditions if it’s going to flourish. And although a quick glance around your home may convince you that you’re safe, don’t be so sure without a thorough home inspection .mold removal, and water damage restoration. We have over 280 offices located across North America that are ready to answer.The only way to find out if mold is present is to do a mold inspection. After a house has been unoccupied. If a house has been closed up and unoccupied for months or years, humidity could have built up inside and caused mold to grow.We would recommend calling at least two (preferably more) mold inspection companies and ask for a price quote. Within the price quote, we recommend you ask the following questions: Questions To Ask Your Mold Inspector or Mold Inspection Company. What qualifications do you have to perform mold testing?