Salt-Free Water Softeners: Do They Work? Do Salt-Free Water Softeners Work? Water Softening involves an ion exchange process, which removes both magnesium (Mg2+) and calcium (Ca2+) from water. During the ion exchange process, a polymer resin bed attracts hard water minerals and replaces them with sodium ions; it is this removal of magnesium and.Using The Best Water Softener Salt For Your System. is another form of salt that is used in softening water. Solar salt is a by-product of. and that is by using potassium as a water softener salt alternative or replacing your entire system with any of the salt free water softeners.Salt Free Water Softeners – Descale Treatment. In the salt based process above (true water softening), hardness minerals are actually removed from the water. In the salt-free process minerals are retained in the water, but their form is changed so they will not adhere to surfaces.Apologies for the bad knock knock joke, but we thought it was a fitting way to start a discussion about a citrus water softener. There are a lot of methods for treating hard water without the use of salt, but one of the more popular ones is employed by the nuvoH2O Salt Free Water Softening system.salt free water conditioning Process. What’s in a Name? As it turns out, quite a lot. Salt-free water softeners have been walking a line between vaguely misleading and downright confusing since their emergence into the water treatment market. Where the confusion starts is the "softener" portion of their name.Orange County Culligan offers portable exchange, also known as Salt Free Softeners which are a great alternative to a salt-regenerating, in-home water softener. regeneration takes place at Culligan, so there’s no salt or discharge at your home and in your community.Salt-Based vs Salt-Free Water Softeners. A salt based softener will make sure that minerals like calcium and magnesium will be completely removed before.Culligan of Orange County is your local water expert specializing in Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filters, Water Filtration and Bottled Water Delivery.An ongoing debate in the world of hard water is: "whats better, A salt-based water softener, or a salt-free water softener?" In order to answer this question, we must take a look at each system and how it works, the pros and cons for each, and in what situation each is best suited for.

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