This video,, can also be seen at week, we pick a new episode of the week. It could be good. It has all the sweep of historical fiction, but its history is invented, an attempt to extrapolate current trends into a world that.Cisco predicts that by the year 2021 video will account for 82% of all internet traffic, and live video will account for 13% of all internet video traffic by 2021. In case thirteen percent doesn’t sound like much, just keep in mind that even today, about half a million hours of video content is uploaded every day to YouTube alone.Video marketing is the latest trend when it comes to a business’s medium to communicate with their target audience. explainer videos for their products, promoting newly launched products or services, awareness videos about new offers or schemes and in many more way’s videos have helped businesses market their brand creatively and thereby.Boasting better and longer engagement rates than standard linear video has ever achieved, interactive technology is not something to be sniffed at – those who use it now are seriously reaping the rewards. Here are five ways to use interactive video to help you get started.Directed by Sam Buchanan. With Julian Stolzenberg, Neil McCaul, Samantha Spurgin, Ian Pope. The world of corporate video is paved with demanding talent and meddling clients. The Lion is based on my own real (and very painful) experiences directing corporate voiceovers.Access our video library and subscribe to our social media channels to keep abreast of the latest updates on AmanahRaya.This increased consumption of video content has become part of the corporate world, and it’s been a journey adapting our company strategy to adapt to this growing demand for our type of product. Here are three of the biggest trends I’ve seen recently that are shifting the way we watch content, and in turn, shaping the video production industry.As the medium has morphed from analog to digital, an entirely new market has emerged with its own codes. (AAC), he is.Chris Kohler and Shelley Craft to bring you the latest news and trends from the experts at Domain. affairs properties as well as online across Nine and Domain’s digital, video-on-demand and social.